Real Wealth Queensland

Financial Planner is about Peace of Mind. Peace of mind that your investments are investment correctly, that you have adequate cover in the event of an accident. Peace of mind that someone is looking over your investments and keeping an eye on your superannuation so you can be doing whatever else you would rather be doing.
Superannuation and Insurance is what we do. We do it all day long every day and we do it very well. 
Is your superannuation is a complete mess with funds every where - we can help. If have lost track of your super - we can help. If you think you are taking on too little or not enough risk - we can help. Superannuation is what we do. We consolidate and invest your superannuation in line with your risk profile but also your "Peace of Mind" profile, so that you do not worry about your superannuation. 
Everyone wants the big returns, the quick buck, the glitz and the glamour. We are not about that at all. We will sit down and work our the strategy that is right for you. We then regularly review it and keep in touch to make sure it says in line with your current goals and needs.
Real Wealth Queensland is a registered business name of Zenith Representatives Pty Ltd. Zenith Representatives Holds Australian Financial Services Licence # 479263.